USED Firewire Midas LFT - 5' 11"

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Good condition - watertight - no dings!

With a design process similar to that of The Go Fish, Rob wasn’t timid when it came to drawing inspiration from the past when it came to creating The Midas.

The tail was inspired by some 80’s twin fins. Most specifically, the winged twin fin designs of Mark Richards. And Rob placed the wings intentionally to align with the two forward fins.

This is a big reason that Rob enjoys it as a two plus one setup most of the time, but he also likes it as a thruster when the waves get big.

Rob’s recent preference for cutting deep into the face of waves with his shapes is shown through the thinned-out tips of the swallow tail points. “I seem to keep all my tails really knifey and thin nowadays because it adds a lot of bite to these hybrid shapes, and you get a lot of response from that coupled with my Board Eat Board concave,” he says.

As we continue to watch Rob surf this shape from Seaside Reef to Uluwatu, we’re thrilled to carry it over into 2018 because the demand for it remains substantial. But mostly because we like how it looks when Rob goes left on this LFT shape.

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