Urban Surf Foil Lessons


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Learn to wakesurf, wakefoil and dockstart with us!


Wakesurf Demos

  • Ride behind our fully loaded Moomba on Lake Washington
  • Choose from our selection of demos wakesurfers from Liquid Force, Lib Tech and Ronix
  • 15 minute slots, can book multiple


Wakesurf Lessons

  • Receive expert 1 on 1 lessons from our team riders
  • Perfect your jumps, shuvs and 360s or get used to riding with slack in the rope
  • 15 minute slots, can book multiple


Wakefoil Lessons

  • Master the water start and learn to carve the first wake or pump back to the third 
  • 15 minute slots, can book multiple 


Dockstart lessons

  • Learn to launch from virtually any dock in Settle!
  • Chase down wakes in the Montlake Cut


Riders must be ages 16 and up. Riders under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian


Lessons are scheduled AFTER the purchase of the lesson, be sure to leave your contact information! For any other questions or concerns call Urban Surf at (206)545-9463 or e-mail .

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