Slingshot Hoverglide Infinity 76cm Carbon Wing

$331.00 $553.00


FRONT WING ONLY- SLINGSHOT INFINITY 76cm Carbon Wing features maximum lift and stability for SUP surfing success.

The Infinity 76cm wing is perfect for success foiling in tiny to medium size waves or in light wind.

With large surface area and unique inverted gull wing shape, it’s the perfect balance between low-end lift and pumpability and faster top-end speed and performance.

The Infinity 76cm wing is great for surfing when you want to turn freely and pump from one wave to the next.

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SURFACE AREA: 1534 cm2


SPAN: 765 mm

CHORD: 262 mm

BUILD: lightweight Carbon Fiber

BEST WITH: Slingshot Hoverglide Mast and Fuselage


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