Slingshot Hover Glide Switch Fuse Long 78cm

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Slingshot's Patent Pending Switch Fuse is singular on the market- it allows you to move the position of the foil wings relative to your foil mast, so you can adjust the balance point forward or backward depending on your personal board/stance/goals/conditions etc etc etc.  This can give you totally different sensations on the water and is an ingenious method of allowing you to fine tune your ride without buying tons of extra stuff!  Slingshot for the win!!!

The long fuselage is best for getting some extra stability and going fast, pushing hard upwind while wind foiling, etc etc.  It is still plenty responsive and carves like a dream, but it settles the ride down compared to the extra sporty short fuselage! 

The long fuselage allows for three different mast positions.

Find your personal comfort zone.  The ability to adjust your wing position fore or aft in relationship to your stance is critical in balancing your rig, stance and overall sailing position.  Slingshot's patent pending Switch Fuse is an ingenious design that allows the foil to be configured in two different positions to accommodate varying board set ups, rider preferences and skill levels.

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