Slingshot Hover Glide FSUP Foil 2019



FOIL ONLY- Slingshot Hover Glide FSUP

Developed out of a lifelong curiosity of what it feels like to fly, the Hover Glide FWAKE Foil has re-invigorated the SUP foil experience.

Surf of downwind on virtually ANY wave or bump, and have the ride of your life regardless of water conditions, wave size, etc. It’s like flying an airplane with your feet.

Riding the Foil takes you back to the good old days of learning a new discipline in the surf and the grin from ear to ear that follows is inevitable.

SPEC’s: mast 15" & 24"

BUILD: Carbon Wings | Aluminum Mast and Fuselage

BUOYANCY: medium

MOUNT: 4 hole

ADJUSTABLE: no, wings are fixed



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