Slingshot Dwarfcraft 3'6" Micro 2020 - Deck Only

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A thinner version of the standard Dwarf Craft 3’6”, the Mirco is the lightest, most agile and most direct feeling kite foil board in our lineup. While not specifically for advanced riders, it’s best suited for people who have their footwork and transitions fairly well dialed first.

Pair this board with the Slingshot FKITE foil to complete the package. 

Get one at Urban Surf and share your adventures on Social Media at #urbansurfNW!

BOARD SPEC’s: 3'6" X 17.5" X 1.2" 

VOLUME: 10.8 liters

WEIGHT: 6.2 lbs

BUILD: EPS core | inlaid stringers | fiberglass wrap

ROCKER: moderate front-end rocker, beveled rails, mild concave<

PADS and STRAPS: not included

FEATURES: foostrap mounts for 2 / 3 strap configurations

FOIL MOUNT: sliding track mounting system

INCLUDES: Dwarfcraft Board | Foil Pedestal Mounting Hardware

USE WITH: Slingshot FKITE foil

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