Slingshot Butter Bar - 4'6"

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The Slingshot Butter Bar is the king of surfing almost any boat wave, big or small, round or steep.

The flat rocker line makes the board extremely fast and gives wakesurfers the best chance of a slack line and the freedom of a 100% wave-propelled surf session.

The butter bar’s full EVA deck pad allows surfers to stand anywhere on the board and the tri-fin setup leaves plenty of room to experiment with the traction, speed, and stability of the board.

Also if you’ve got a tidbit of that skate blood running through your veins, the butter bar is a blast for your skate style tricks without that rough patch of concrete below.

SPEC’s: 4'6" X 21 1/2 X 1 7/16" 

FINS: (3) 3" X 2" G10 

FEATURES: NACA cut channels | Urethane Rail




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