Slater Designs ECO 3 Piece Traction Pad

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Partnering with BLOOM, a high performance foam made from this freshwater algae biomass, Slater Designs created this pad from foam to packaging in the most environmentally friendly way possible. The BLOOM algae foam;

  • "Helps improve the quality of waterways by removing excess algae that harms plants, animals, and people who rely on the ecosystem for survival."
  • "Recirculates fresh water back into the habitat."
  • "Aids CO2 capture and sequestration. By scraping pond scum, solar drying, and pulverizing it before foaming the material to create a pad that helps re-balance the natural ecology, and reduces our dependence on non-renewable oil."

Slater Designs has gone above and beyond by wrapping their pad in recycled plastic PET bottles wrap and recycled paper!

"Our newest approach to back foot traction. Kelly asked for an additional ‘cutaway’ on the arch. And our audience on Instagram asked for an arch pad with square tread. Cutaway sections in the back third of the pad are placed for tight angles off the bottom. And circular and parallel cutaways in the first two thirds are placed for pumping with foot further forward." - Firewire


SIZE: 12.5” W x 12.75” H

COLOR: Black



TREAD: Square tread

GLUE: 3M adhesive backing


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