14' x 28" SIC Okeanos Dragon Fly 2020

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A standup paddle board focused on fitness, touring, and voyaging the unknown, the Okeanos from SIC paddles with ease and maintains an incredibly efficient and fast paced glide. The tail concave helps maintain straighter lines, greater speed, and more glide as well as the nose chine which softens contact in choppy waters while also maintaining that glide and speed we all desire. 

Named after the Greek God of the Sea and inspired by the Pearl Harbor NOAA Ship "Okeanos Explorer" this new board from SIC shares similarities with the RS series with a recreational blend rather than strictly racing. An added wide point in the front section provides more stability as well as the squared up rails and extra tail width. 

The Okeanos is built in SIC’s Dragon Fly (DF) construction which is constructed with a full oak wood veneer wrapping the core - tip-to-tail / 360-degree rail-to-rail wrap. This is arguably one of the most durably constructed composite boards on the market today and it remains at a very competitive weight and affordable price.

Also available in a narrower size, check out the 12'6" x 27" SIC Okeanos!

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SPECS: 14" X 28" (

VOLUME: 305 Liters

WEIGHT: 34.6 lbs

CONSTRUCTION: Dragon Fly features full oak wood veneer

HANDLE: EZ Grab Handle

FINS: 1 SIC Carbon Fiber Weedless 8.3"Single fin included or 2 FCS ll thruster option (sold seperately)

FEATURE: Nose mount | Cargo Bungee

BEST FOR: Recreational | Downwinders | Touring | Fitness | Racing


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