Naish S26 Jet 2450 Complete

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The Jet 2450 share many similar features to its smaller 1050 & 1250 counterparts. This larger wing features a slightly higher aspect ratio in a delta wing planform with moderate anhedral to deliver early lift and a low stall speed while maximizing turning ability.

This wing is  the ideal choice for larger surfers surf foiling as well as SUP, downwind, and Wing-Surf foiling. This wing is paired with the Stabilizer 450 back wing, which gives the complete setup more lift at lower speeds and is optimized for improved turning and pumping performance.

*All complete sets come with an EVA front wing cover, stabilizer cover, foil carry case, torx driver and the necessary screws


  •  Mast Size: 75cm
  •  Front Wing Design: Jet 2450   
  •  Aspect Ratio: 4.1
  •  Wingspan: 100cm
  •  Projected Surface Area: 2450 cm2

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