Naish Boxer 2019 - 5m Kite Only

Sold Out


Great for freeride kiteboarding and foiling! The Naish Boxer 2019 5m kite is in stock at Urban Surf, call us for inquiries about other sizes! 

The Boxer is ana amazing kite for underpowered riding and foiling. light pull, lightweight, and light input makes it stay in the air real easy especially in lighter winds and offers more depower in a shorter throw when sheeting out. The lightweight kite allows more pull through the bar than the harness and even more direct steering, making a great kite for lighter riders and foilers since its so responsive to light inputs. 

Being the LIGHTEST kite on the market, the Boxer is the most efficient kite for your session! 

Get one at Urban Surf and share your Kiteboarding adventures on Social Media at #urbansurfNW!



SHAPE: Swept Compact-C

STRUTS: Single Luff Strut

FEATURE: High Flow valve

BEST FOR: foil | freeride


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