Modern Retro - 9'1" - Green Rail

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The MODERN RETRO LONGBOARD is wide and incredibly stable. The long parallel rails create a huge stable platform to stand and walk the board, and the full rounded nose is ideal for riding the nose.

Moderately flat entry rocker provides fast paddling and flowing down-the-line trim speed. The flat section through the middle gives the board effortless glide, and slight lift in the tail enhances turning ability.

A long, single concave under the nose provides lift for extended nose time, while vee through the belly and tail allows the rider to transition smoothly from rail-to-rail.

Forgiving 60/40 rails not only provide bite on the wave face, but also allows for smooth transitional turns off the tail.

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SPECS: 9'1" X 23 1/2" X 3 1/4"

VOLUME: 78.5 liters

LAYUP: PU - traditional fiberglass

FINS: 1 longboard included

FEATURE: extra width and tail rocker 

BEST FOR: Noseriding | Smaller waves | beginners - experts


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