LP FRS Series Kite - foil only

$999.00 $1,950.00

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With the benefits of lightweight carbon composite engineering with no compromise in stiffness, strength, comfort & durability the LPS FRS FOIL has a ride that allows you to feel the water as it flows by the foil, while minimizing rough water feedback.

The ultra-thin strut's torsional stiffness reduces vibration absorption for a smoother, faster ride. The advanced designed wings result in controlled lift with rock solid stability; the rear wing's angle of attack is easily adjusted using LP’s pre-canted shim system.

The LP series of calibrated shims allows for fine tuning of the rear wing to suit your personal riding style. The removable fuselage acts as the power transmitter between the front and rear wings; delivering the power seamlessly to the strut.

Advanced carbon composite technology assures that the LP FRS Foil withstands extreme loads in the harshest conditions with controlled flex, delivering increased performance.

Made locally in the Columbia RIver Gorge - Washington State, USA!



FOIL- LP FRS Series - Kite

MAST: 39" mast

WING: 590cm included

BUILD: carbon fiber

MOUNT: plate (90mm X 165mm)



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