KanuLock Lockable Tie Down Straps - 13'



KanuLock LOCKABLE TIE DOWN STRAPS stop opportunistic theft. A thief cannot simply walk off with your board or kayak, the buckles can be locked securely by a key, your board or kayak cannot be slid out, the straps are reinforced with stainless steel cables and can’t be cut by a knife. KanuLocks are a great theft deterrent.

KanuLock Lockable Tie-downs are so simple to use – they work exactly the same way as a regular set of tie-downs, with the added benefits of being able to lock and being uncuttable by knife.

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BUILD: (2X) 2.5mm Steel cables per strap

BEST FOR: 3 Longboards | 2 Wide SUPs 

INCLUDED: 2 Straps | 2 Keys


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