ION Vector Vest Core 2019

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The ION Vector Vest will enhance your riding with added confidence from added rib protection and warmth. From flatwater to waves, the Vector vest Core is comfortable and lightweight for every session and hassle-free so it's easy to put on!

"ION VESTS are designed to cater to all levels of riding. Whether you’re looking for added buoyancy, or peace of mind when on the water, our range of multi-functional VESTS will boost your confidence so you can take your riding to the next level."

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CONSTRUCTION: Neoprene, PVC free foam

ENTRY/EXIT: Central front zipper

FEATURES: Zipper Garage

BEST FOR: use with waist or shorts harness



Size USA  Height (cm) Chest (cm)
XS 159-164 74-82
S 162-170 84-92
M 168-176 89-97
L 174-182 99-107


Size USA  Size Euro Height (cm) Chest (cm)
XS 46 164-170 81-89
S 48 168-174 86-94
M 50 172-178 92-102
L 52 177-183 99-109
XL 54 181-187 107-114

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