Firewire Vacay LFT - 7'2"

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The FIREWIRE VACAY is a fantastic entry level mini-mal with seamless ‘learn to surf’ capability and great crossover potential for the competent surfer seeking retro glide and maneuverability. 

The Vacay gives leisurely cruise across flat sections with stability, but it also works in the pocket, especially for surfers with a wide stance and even pressure between front and back foot. 

A single concave that splits to a double concave towards the tail, which adds a looser feeling beneath your back foot and an ability to pump the board - sliding onto a rail more easily, allowing carves not usually possible on a ‘fun board’ type shape with a squash tail. 

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SPECS: 7'2" X 21 1/2" X 2 5/8"

VOLUME: 50 liters

LAYUP: Linear Flex Technology (LFT)

FINS: FUTURES 5 box - quad or thruster - not included

BEST FOR: knee to chest high waves




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