FCS II Filipe Toledo PC Carbon Tri Fin Set - Medium

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The FCS II FT is constructed with ultra-light materials and combines the drawn out influences of a more raked fin with the all-round versatility of the Performer.

This exciting combination delivers exceptional drive and control off the bottom without hampering the speed off the top and release through the lip that's now synonymous with Filipe's fast aerial style of surfing.

Use in performance boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker.

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MEDIUM (​Yellow)
4.​41" / 11​2mm
Depth: 4.5​4" / 11​5mm
Area: 1​4.93"² / 9​634 mm²
Sweep: 3​4.8°
Foil - Side Fins: 80/20
Foil - Centre Fin: 50/50

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