Used 6'7" Fanatic Sky Foil Board 2020

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The Sky Foil SUP & wing foil board from Fanatic is designed for all types of waves, any day of the year. Whether you're new to foiling or a seasoned vet, the compact shape, easy paddling, and stable all-round performance of the Sky SUP will bring you stoke even in the worst conditions you would have passed up!

With a concave deck, beveled rails, and the compact shape of the board, the Sky provides opportunity for powerful and harder turns making maneuverability easy while providing enough stability to paddle around. 

The shape is specifically designed for stable paddling and maneuverability when foiling. Capitalizing on small wave performance, the shorter length keeps the Sky SUP agile on even the smallest of waves and controllable underfoot on bigger, faster surf. The track mounted foil also allows for fine tuning in order to alter lift and different styled wings. 

The 2020 model has a new added step tail for efficient pump onto foil and freedom to ride steeper sections. 

Pair this board with the SLINGSHOT HOVERGLIDE FSUP V3 FOIL to complete the package. 

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SIZES: 6'7"


WEIGHT: 8.67 k

BUILD: Custom Surf Technology (CST) consisting of carbon strips, vector net, bamboo reinforcements, 

FEATURES: Bevelled rails, full deckpad, optional trailing fin, carrying handle

FOIL MOUNT: sliding track mounting system

INCLUDES: Board | Foil Pedestal Mounting Hardware

USE WITH: Slingshot Hoverglide FSUP Foil


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