Duotone Sky Style 2024 - Sizes Vary


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The Sky Style ticks all the boxes for any ambitious winger with the desire for more than just cruising!

The Sky Style is widely known amongst ambitious wingers willing to take it further. Our R&D team has refined the previous Sky Style and we offer the 5’1” in store with options of special orders of the 4'11".

With a higher rocker in comparison to the Sky Free, the reactions of the Sky Style models are highly responsive and intuitive through increased leverage over the pitch of your foil, making them super balanced and fun to ride from lakes to open ocean surf.

The higher nose adds extra room to load up for jumps and with its added volume, it recovers easily - also when landing jumps nose first. The recessed deck of the Sky Style makes starts and sinking the board incredibly balanced even when used in volume below the riders’ body weight.

The new rail bevels on the Sky Style shapes add higher clearance during tight turns on the wave face and improve the ability to pump these boards out of the water with an easier release. More parallel bottom contours throughout the mid-section improve the glide to pick up speed for take-off and reduce drag after landings and touch-downs to pop back up instantly.

Unleash your talent with the Sky Style!




Volume: 75L 85L
Width: 24"/61cm 24.7"/62.7cm
Length: 4'11"/149cm 5'1"/155cm
Rec. user weight: >75kg >85kg
Footstrap options: 2x DTK footstraps 2x DTK footstraps

Vacuum Sandwich Technology


Vacuum Sandwich technology combines a solid construction with great performance. Made in a complex multi-step vacuum process with multiple reinforcements in stress areas such as boxes, centre spine and a full bamboo patch in the entire stance area with additional carbon patches under the heels and extra rail bands around the rails. The rising level in wing foiling led us inevitably to multiple refinements of this layup over the years to make it strong without being excessive on the weight.

01 90° fibre layer with light finish
02 45° carbon full rail protection
03 Bamboo wrap deck & rails
04 90° fibre layer
05 90° fibre patch stance area
06 Bamboo patch stace area
07 45° carbon patch stance area
08 High density pvc patch stance area
09 Glass patch stance area

10 Light EPS core
11 90° fibre layer
12 Bamboo wrap bottom
13 12K carbon patch tracks to stance area
14 90° fibre patch tracks to stance area
15 90° fibre patch tracks to stance area

16 90° fibre layer with light finish

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