Duotone Dice 2020 - Kite Only

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The Duotone Kiteboarding Dice is Urban Surf's GO-TO kite for all riding in the pacific northwest! Freestyle, waves and big airs, the Dice does it all, just ask our employees that fly these kites all year long!

Great lift and huge jumping abilities make the Dice perform great for freestyle maneuvers, boosting, old-school style riding, and just overall performance. Steering with the Dice is easy and precise, making it crucial for those precision maneuvers and kite control all the time. The 4-line bridled 3 strut design makes the Dice capable of incredible pop and slack for performing tricks. 

The new trailing edge design makes for less canopy wear. A narrower trailing edge and a lighter combination of materials reduces wear and creates a slicker kite profile. 

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FORM: C Hibrido



LINES: 4 or 5

BEST FOR: Big Airs | Looping | All 

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