DB Longboards Bear 33" Complete

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33" Maple cruising, pushing, and commuting longboard. Drop thru, rocker, and a compact platform make it easy to carry around and perfect for long distance pushing. Unlike the Mini Cooper, the Bear is not a drop deck, so there is even more room for your feet. The Bear Complete is the ultimate pushing set up with a low platform and huge wheels for easy riding. These Cloudride Hurricane wheels are 90mm tall and will get you over almost any crack or debris in your way!

DB LONGBOARDSBoard Construction: 8-Ply North American Maple

Length: 33.00 inches
Width: 8.325 inches
Trucks: 149mm Atlas Street
Wheels: 90mm Cloud Ride Hurricanes
Flexibility: Snappy Flex
Maximum Wheelbase: 25.00 inches
Minimum Wheelbase: 25.00 inches
Riding Style: Push/Commute
Mounting Style: Drop-Thru
Version: 2020

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