Women's Xcel Drylock 6/5 Hooded Wetsuit




The warmest wetsuit we have to offer. The Women's Xcel Drylock 6/5 Hooded Wetsuit features Celliant Black's unmatched heat retention system, allowing none of your body heat to go to waste. Tired of getting cold in the winter water? The Drylock will change the game!

Recommended Water Temperature: 46 F & Below

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  • Channel flex upper body
  • Channel flex 2.0 lower body
  • Second generation celliant black high pile w/hollow fiber chest and back
  • Ultra stretch ir
  • Nanoprene lite japanese limestone
  • Nylon collar
  • Easy entry system
  • Semi-dry zipper w/magnetic closure
  • Engineered fit system
  • Drylock wrist seals
  • Back knee flex groves
  • Triple glued and blind stitched seams
  • Fusionx tape
  • Nexskin ankle seals
  • Water based glue



  • Rinsing your product after each use with fresh, cool water (hot water reduces neoprene flexibility).
  • Hanging your product to dry inside-out on a plastic or wooden hanger in the shade (sunlight damages neoprene).
  • Occasionally rinsing your product in non-bleach, mild laundry detergent sudsy water.
  • Avoiding heating or folding your product (that includes leaving it in a crumpled heap in the back of your car).
  • Wetsuits should never be ironed or put in a clothes washer or dryer.

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