Slingshot Hover Glide FSURF Foil 2019



The SLINGSHOT FSURF foil package, equipped with the new INFINITY 76 wing, has a large outline that provides all the low-end lift and pump-ability you’ll ever need, while its unique inverted gull wing shape allows for much faster top-end speeds than foils with similar surface area.

Surf ANY wave or boat, and even ride the flats with a little whip and the power of the pump.

This foil is also suggested for heavier riders in the 200 + lb range.

Pair this foil with the WF1 | WF2 |  SIMULATOR decks (sold separately).

Get one at Urban Surf and share your adventures on Social Media at #urbansurfNW!

SPEC’s: mast 24" (61cm)

BUILD: Mast and Fuselage = Aluminum  | Wings = Carbon

MOUNT: 4 hole pedestal

FEATURE: Saf-T Winglets

INCLUDES: 61cm mast | pedestal | fuselage | Infinity 76 Front Wing | 42cm rear wing | hardware | shim | custom travel bag




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