9'6" Torq Longboard TET - Colors Vary

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From gliding and tip riding, to surfing in powerful conditions, the requirement for a modern longboard is versatility.  Torq's design delivers, covering all terrain. From young to old, new school through traditional styles, first wave rides to decades of experience.

With low entry rocker and full outline you’ll find a board that glides in the small stuff and can be ridden from the front. Progressive surfers will find a quick midsection, slightly pulled tail, with enough release to keep the board fast and loose.  2+1 fin set up.

TET construction is Torq Surfboards revolutionary design and build process in epoxy surfboards. Torq Epoxy Technology or TET uses a lightweight EPS core, Biaxial fiberglass cloth, and epoxy resin to design its unique Shield Skin. Precise cuts from a single aluminum block make for the most advanced surfboard mold on the planet. This revolutionary TET construction offers lightweight and responsive flex surfboards that will ensure strength, durability, and stoke!

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FIN SETUP: 2+1(Future Fins) Fins included!

LEVEL: Beginner-Expert

WAVE HEIGHT: 1-6 feet recommended

DIMENSIONS: 9'0 x 23 1/2" x 3 1/4"

RECOMMENDED RIDER WEIGHT: 70-140 kg / 150-300 lbs

VOLUME: 88 Liters

 *ask for other available/shippable sizes and colors!

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