6'3" LOST 'Mayhem' Surfboards Uber Driver XL

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The Uber Driver XL will take you places! This is a perfect board for a heavier guy looking for performance. Works great for someone looking to step down into the high performance shortboard from a funboard while maintaining wave count and stability. If you're worried that a standard shortboard wont float your boat with that extra beer belly or added neoprene weight...the Uber Driver XL is for YOU. 

"For the guy who knows how to surf, prefers a modern Pro-Formance rocker, but needs a bit of help in the crowded line ups and sloppy surf.  Flatter, faster (slightly fatter) and funner.  You won’t have a bummer…Winter, Spring, Fall or Summer."


SPECS: 6'3" X 21.25" X 2.77"

VOLUME: 41.5 liters

FINS: FCS II Thruster, fins not included.


SHAPER: Biolos



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