6' Lib Tech Funnelator

$559.95 $699.99

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"Ultra speedy groveler meets high performance shortboard. A unique double V bottom contour “Compression Flow Accelerator Technology” funnels water from a deep concave into a narrowing double V creating a jet propulsion effect and unbelievable speed. Thinned out and increased tail rocker curves at the rail set up mind warping, tight radius power turns and agile quickness in the pocket. All this built into fuller plan shape and with straight rail lines add even more glide and speed in small or softer waves."-Libtech

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHAPER: This board is made by surfers / skaters/ snowboarders at Mervin Mfg. in Sequim, Washington USA using low waste techniques, recycled materials, and low VOC resins.

DEMO this and other LiB Surfboards for $30/day rental - one rental applies towards purchase of new LiB Tech waterboard from Urban Surf.


LAYUP: Magnesium / Basalt | EPS/ EPOXY

FINS: 5 not included* FCS compatable.

BEST FOR: 1' to 4' waves

5’4” 19.5" 2.3" 28.5 cl
5’6” 20.0" 2.35" 31.0 cl
5’8” 20.5" 2.45" 33.7 cl
5’10” 21.0" 2.55" 37.1 cl
6’0” 21.5" 2.65" 40.4 cl
6’2” 22.0" 2.75" 43.8 cl

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