5'8" Fanatic Sky Wing 2020


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The Sky Wing is Fanatic's wing foil specific design, created and used by the best Fanatic & Duotone wing foilers and now released to us all. This board is the next evolutionary step in the world of wing foiling and is guaranteed to take your expertise to that next step as well. If you've ridden the Fanatic Sky Foil you'll know what it had and what it didn't. Well what it didn't, the Sky Wing does:

Everything about the Sky Wing has been aimed towards wing foiling, its a compact shaped board split in two directions, while the smaller models focus on freeride/waves the 5'4" focus' on an early takeoff due to a flat rocker with sharp release edges in the tail. This makes for the easiest lift off you've ever seen, making it the easiest board across the market to wing foil on in light put it shortly, this is the board you want for wing foiling in Washington! 

Pair this board with the SLINGSHOT HOVERGLIDE FSUP V3 FOIL or the Fanatic Aero 2000 Foil to complete the package!

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VOLUME: 115 Liters

WEIGHT: 16-20 lbs

BUILD: Vacuum epoxy construction with bamboo reinforcement in standing area

FOOT STRAPS: Footstrap options for double front to switch stance or single strap

FEATURES: Full deckpad with tail kicker, pulled in nose, bevelled rails, channel bottom


HANDLES: Inset handles on top & bottom for easy carrying with and without foil


FOIL MOUNT: Sliding track mounting system

INCLUDES: Board | Foil Pedestal Mounting Hardware | 3x Fanatic Premium Footstraps

USE WITH: Slingshot Hoverglide FSUP Foil or Fanatic Aero 2000 Foil 

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