5'7" Firewire Seaside Volcanic

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The Firewire Seaside is a staff favorite here at Urban Surf for many reasons but for starters its fast, loose, fun, and can be ridden on days you never imagined were surf-able on a shortboard. This board has less area in the tail and nose while keeping volume in the mid section to improve paddling power as well as a fluid carvy feel on the wave.

Get ready to ditch all of your longboards, fishes, grovelers, or whatever else you're riding on smaller surf because this is the magic stick.

SPECS: 5'7" X 21 5/8" X 2 1/2"

VOLUME: 33.6 liters

Construction: Basalt Fiber

FINS: 4 (Quad)  Futures Fins boxes - fins not included

BEST FOR: 0-6 ft  

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