5'10" Lib Tech LOST Puddle Jumper HP


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Take small wave surfing to the next level with Lib Tech's new High Performance model of the Puddle Jumper! Surf those same Washington waves with more style and spunk with a pulled in nose and tail that's still easy to paddle and gives you that loose but hard rail feeling. With this upgrade, you'll be surfing small waves faster, better, and harder than you ever had before! Check out Lib Tech's Puddle Jumper model for a comparison to the high performance version!

Hand crafted in the USA near Canada.




FIN: FCS Boxes; fins not included*


Length Width Thickness Volume
5’4” 19.75" 2.35" 28.0 cl
5’6” 20.0" 2.45" 30.0 cl
5’8” 20.25" 2.5" 33.0 cl
5’10” 21.0" 2.56" 36.0 cl
6’0” 21.5" 2.66" 39.0 cl
6’2” 22.0" 2.75" 42.0 cl

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