12'6" Naish Glide Fusion S25 iSUP

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The Naish Glide is a perfect all around SUP inflatable that has more stability to offer than your standard touring board but with better speed than ever imagined. At 12 and a half feet long but 32 inches wide, the Glide is stable enough for someone looking for a board that will support more weight and remain quick enough to keep up any other touring shape!
  • Touring Shape = Shaped to paddle faster while ensuring stability
  • Extra Cargo Straps = Easily carry additional gear
  • Added Deck Handles = Easy to get in and out of the water in any situation
  • High Pressure Rated = Superior stiffness

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SPECS: 12'6" x 32" x 6"

VOLUME: 323 Liters

PSI: 20 psi max.

RIDER WEIGHT: Up to 265 lbs

CONSTRUCTION: Fusion drop stitch deck and bottom plus double layer rails & hydroslick edges.

FEATURES: High pressure rated, added cargo strap, extra handles, hydro slick edges, accessory mount. 

INCLUDED: Dual flow pump, tool-less fin, bag, repair kit, board!


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