11'6" Surftech Generator 2020 - Tuflite VT


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Versatile, maneuverable, and great in small to medium sized surf! The 11'6" Surftech Generator in the tuflite v-tech construction offers great stability and and glide in your everyday flat water paddling and with that extra point in the nose and rounded tail makes for a great additional opportunity for rougher water and open ocean standup paddle surfing! 

Tuflite construction features a 'molded fused cell EPS core, wood veneer, high quality E-glass, and Epoxy resin'. This makes for both a durable and lightweight construction offering great flex and strength thanks to the added stringer along the center of the EPS core. 

Looking for something just a tad smaller? Check out the 10'6" Surftech Generator to rip even harder!

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SPECS: 11'6" X 32.5" X 4.16"

VOLUME: 188 liters

LAYUP: Molded fused cell EPS core, wood veneer, E-glass, and Epoxy resin

HANDLES: Inset, ledge

FIN: Fin included!

BEST FOR: Cruising | Surfing  

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