11'3" Red Sport MSL 2024



Ideal for progressive paddlers, the 11'3'' Sport inflatable paddleboard is a significant step up from all-round designs without being any harder to handle. Reliably stable and maintaining shortboard manoeuvrability, it’s a fast crossover shape with a healthy dose of touring potential – a favourite for heavier riders and control in choppier conditions.

Delivering improved performance without compromising comfort, it retains plenty of all-round appeal. Matching the 32" width of our legendary 10'6" Ride – plus a touch more volume at 258L – with a longer, more streamlined planshape the 11'3" Sport offers next-level speed and glide without sacrificing stability.

The hard-release Speed Tail, US box touring fin, and narrow nose all help it track straight and cut satisfyingly through the water with each stroke. Developed with our top-end MSL® material, the high-density drop-stitch core delivers a thinner, stiffer board. Our exclusive RSS battens add up to a third more rigidity, making it low-profile yet super-solid.


Board Length 11'3"
Board Thickness 4.7" / 120mm
Board Volume 258L
Board Weight 11.3kg / 24.91lb
Board Width 32" / 813mm
Bag Size 980mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 360mm (d)
Bag Volume 134L
Fins 9" Touring Fin
Complete Package Weight 18.9kg / 41.67lb

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