10'6" x 32" Naish Alana Inflatable

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The versatile, all-around choice for women of all levels and sizes, the Alana inflatable is perfect for fun with the family, touring or surfing small waves. Stable (at 32-inches wide), this board offers an incredible stiffness-to-weight ratio, thanks to our new, high pressure X-weave material.

Double stringers add key reinforcement in the stance area, while its light weight and reduced thickness further offer great control for easy maneuvering whether cruising or walking up the nose on small waves. The nose has plenty of room for the kids to climb aboard, or take extra cargo with you using the cargo strap.

Specifically thinner than men’s boards for lighter weight and easier maneuverability, it is the perfect combination of lightweight, stiffness, durability in a fun and very easy to use shape that will make paddleboarding fun from the first stroke. 


  • All-around Shape
  • Cargo Bungee
  • Wide Outline 
  • High Pressure Rated
Model/Size Length Width Thickness Volume
Alana Inflatable 10'6" X32 10'6" / 320 cm 32" / 81.3 cm 5" / 12.7 cm 225 L

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